software architecture / implementation / customization / machine learning / data mining / scalable system / data cleaning / preparation / data security and privacy / solid evaluation metrics

Brainstorming Workshops

to find the best solution for your business problem

Smart Software

that solves your data analytics task

Complete Projects

for solving your data understanding tasks efficiently and effectively

You can expect from us

  • State-of-the-art technology that solves your problem
  • Ready-to-use software library with simple programming interface
  • Full access to source code, with a license that allows you to use, modify, and extend our code
  • Professional project management

A typical project with us

You have a business problem that you want to solve with knowledge from data. We decide if your problem can be solved with our technologies. Jointly with us, you assemble a data set with training data for our software. We use your data to train a model that solves your problem. We deliver a ready-to-use software library that can be integrated into your IT environment.

You have sensitive data? We can handle it!

  • On premise data analysis: none of your data leaves your house
  • Swiss Made Software
  • Respect for data protection and privacy
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