SpinningBytes currently offers the following positions:

Internship Text Analytics Research 3-6 months

We are looking for software engineers or scientists who want to participate in Natural Language Processing machine learning projects.
We are a team of machine learning experts, dedicated to building smart solutions for real-life problems.
For the internship, you should have programming skills in Java and/or Python, and some basic knowledge in machine learning. The internship typically lasts for 3-6 months (other durations possible), and can start anytime.

We offer a competitive, technically stimulating, and exciting environment where you will have the opportunity to collaborate with scientific researchers (e.g. from ETH, EPFL and ZHAW) and professional engineers, and to work on challenging research problems.

Projects include interesting Research projects and developing new approaches to Natural Language Processing problems.

Some previous projects include:

  • Creating a Swiss-Related Twitter Corpus
  • Creating a State-of-the-Art Named Entity Recognition Model
  • Developing an AI to play the Game “Taboo” with
  • Generating One-Sentence Company Descriptions
  • Participating in international NLP Competitions (SemEval, KCAP, WNUT, etc.)

This Internship is without any compensation.




Internship Marketing/Sales 6 months (50-100%)

We are looking for a Marketing and Sales intern with a passion for technology, data science, machine learning and language.

As an intern you will work closely with our researchers and developers as well as management and will take an important role in shaping the future of our young and dynamic company. You will get to know exciting new technologies at the forefront of current technological possibilities and be involved with customers from different industries and with a varied background.

Key responsibilities include the creation of a Marketing roadmap, the organization of Marketing campaigns, refining our Corporate Identity, communication with customers as well as contributing to the future development of our company as a whole.




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